Contact Us

Doug and Jennifer Lawson

For letters or packages send to:

PO Box 421 – 30200

Kitale, Kenya




Jennifer :



2 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • If you mean with water: there is a big fundraiser going on right now for refugee camps as a response to the unrest in South Sudan. is the website for this.

      That is also a big prayer, they are coming in by the thousands and getting water to them is a big undertaking.

      In other ministry, we buy Bibles in the local language in bulk to sell at a cheap rate so more people can have them. We have an ongoing ministry to help pay school fees for many kids through the church we support here and we also help with medical needs and food a lot. Those are all ongoing that we always need funds for and then there are some other building and expanding needs that are in the works but not yet known with cost and dates yet.

      Prayers that we are light in darkness and that we stay focused with the tasks at hand. Pray for me as my hand is healing and for the boys to continue to make friends and enjoy life! Pray for me as I teach them and the ladies in Mutai. Pray for Doug as he is so very busy and we have a lot of travel coming up.


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