New Adventures Await

Well, I said a new blog was coming with exciting news for the New Year and it is here! We as a family have been so blessed to play a small part in a BIG organization like Water Mission that is making an a huge difference for physical and spiritual advancement across the world. We cannot say enough good about Water Mission as an organization. God, through them and the church, has made our vision of work and missions become a reality.

We had no idea when we started out exactly where this journey would take us or for how long we would be at said place. Even when we knew we were heading to Uganda, we did not know how long our stay would be. Several months back, we were asked to consider some changes within Water Mission that would affect us. The timeline of events was actually working out really well to things happening for us in Uganda. Just like God to pick such perfect timing. 🙂 We prayed of course, but really felt like the answer was clear from the start.

So without further delays……..our journey in Uganda is coming to a close and the LawsonTribe4 is moving to Kenya. We will still be working with Water Mission as Doug is now the new Director for the Kenya and Malawi country programs. We are also still backed 100% by our home church in SC. We all have a mix of emotions during this time of transition, as we did when we first moved away from the states, as Uganda has now become our comfort zone of “home.” Leaving will not be easy, but in reality is life ever really easy? We have friends and a work team that have become family. We have been blessed immeasurably while being here in Uganda, but I know my God and I know he will continue to provide exactly what we need at exactly the right time.

For our supporters of the church in Mutai, we have still committed to help support them for the year 2017 and maybe beyond depending on funds and ministries God lays on our hearts in Kenya. We have 2 adult education classes that just started year number 2 and have 2 tailoring courses starting as well. One in Mutai and one at another location for Christ The Foundation Churches. We also have our school program for kids ready to start in February. We also are still supplying Bibles to at least six churches at a discount rate that villagers can afford. Please, if this ministry has been on your heart, continue to give accordingly. We will let you know of any other ministries that your extra support would be going to.

Now, with excitement, we will journey to Kenya tomorrow to spend a week meeting staff of Water Mission Kenya, hopefully meeting some new friends, and finding a house. Our house story here in Uganda is an amazing one as God really showed out for us when we moved here! We are expecting nothing less as we are confident this is our next step in our journey. My husband loves the verse Proverbs 16:9 “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” We know that our God will make a way for our feet as we walk for Him wherever he is leading us. We feel certain that he will guide our hearts to the right house, the right workers, and the right extra ministries to be a part of. Please pray with us this week and over the coming months as we transition. We really appreciate all that everyone of you do to make what God has called us to do possible.


The LawsonTribe4


2 thoughts on “New Adventures Await

  1. Exciting! I do and will continue to pray for you guys. I can’t wait to hear what God is going to do. I love you and miss you.

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