Mbagaliza Christmas Enungi

We wish you a Merry Christmas! This Christmas season has come and gone and though it was great, it did not feel at all like Christmas. December has proven to be one of the hottest months all four years that we have lived in Uganda. This year has gone by really fast and we have had many things going on that have been great and several things that have taken place and been quite the challenge. Through it all, God has shown himself so faithful and so real in our family and in the ministry.

Two big things that happened this year in Mutai came to completion of the first year on Christmas Day. God provided and we were able to start an adult Education class in Mutai to teach adult students to read and write their own language and some of the English language. We also began a tailoring class for ladies to help them learn a trade and be able to support their families. So many of you helped by donated or by purchasing items while we were stateside and we are excited to tell you all that 6 graduated from the Adult Education class and 4 graduated from the Tailoring class. We also had 1 graduate from hairdressing school.

p1170059 p1170060

We are so grateful to all of you who pray and give to help the people of Mutai. The new year will bring another chance for several ladies to learn to sew and also a level 2  for the adult education class.

As for the LawsonTribe4, our Christmas was amazing. We were able to gift the people of Mutai with rice and of course sweeties for the children. One really cool things this year is that Wyatt and Jonas actually have 2 sweet boys in Mutai that have become friends. There are so many kids there, but because most of them just want to touch the boys hair or something of that nature, it has been hard for them to find anyone that will just talk or play with them. Their friends can read and speak English but only had New Testament Bibles. Wyatt and Jonas wanted to buy them the full Bible and gift it to them for Christmas. This is a picture of them with Eban, Mike had already gone.

p1170058 p1170046

We would also like to say thank you to everyone that sent boxes and gifts for us to have at Christmas time. I deemed the year a no Lego Christmas and so as a mother of boys, we ended up with some serious Nerf weapons. All I can say is if you come to visit, be prepared for a battle of all kinds! 🙂 We also got several new board games to add to our collection as we all LOVE family game nights. We are so blessed and we are so grateful!


Look for another blog really soon to see what is coming up in the year 2017 with the LawsonTribe4. We are excited to see what God is going to be up to and how we can join Him!


The LawsonTribe4


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