Tis the Season

 ” Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke, and encourage with great patience and careful instruction.”  2 Timothy 4:2

It has been a couple of months since my last blog. Those months have been filled with trials, questions, travel, and victories. We made it back safely home in Uganda toward the end of October. Despite the arm troubles, we had a fabulous visit to the states and the most refreshing mission conference at our home church. We were able to reconnect with old friends and make new friends as well. We heard encouraging words from our pastor as well as others. We were able to share our story and be encouraged by other stories. The boys were able to share and give encouragement to other kids. It was really a great time to reflect and be encouraged.

Back here in Uganda, we have been busy trying to get back into the swing of the usual life. We are in our third 6 weeks of school, Doug is busy busy at work, and with the cast off I have had to resume as the primary dish washer! (It was fun while it lasted)! 🙂 We were blessed beyond measure to share Thanksgiving here with amazing friends who have become family. Every year I surprise myself with trying something new, with my mom coaching me from Skype or Whats ap. I am so thankful for her! This year was turkey gravy, and I don’t even like gravy! 🙂 We had the normal spread and we shared things we were thankful for and we even had last years Thanksgiving Day parade and last year’s Super Bowl to watch! None of us cared that it was from last year, we were all just happy the power stayed on to watch a bit. We played games and talked about this season of life, where we have been and where we might be heading.

We spent about an hour decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Jonas had to give a short presentation today on his favorite Christmas tradition. It made me think of all the special moments each year that I had growing up and made me wonder what he will remember as a tradition. He chose to talk about the manger that we always made the week before Christmas reading scripture of our soon coming King. This year, as the boys have gotten older, I traded that week for an advent month with a Jesse Tree. The tradition remains to focus on our Savior but I feel they are ready to go a bit deeper.  My favorite family tradition was all sleeping in the big bed with mom on Christmas Eve and having the morning picture on the steps with my grandparents. I should say one of many as I could go on and on. What will your kids remember. What kind of Legacy will we leave behind.

The point is that in every season, whether holiday or just life, we are accountable to how we respond. We are accountable for what we choose to cherish, but also for what our kids see us choose. I know that I am not responsible for the choices that my kids will make as adults, but I do know from experience as a kid, that what you see in your parents does make a difference in the long run (good or bad). I want my kids to learn to be ready in every season. I want them to learn that life is not a given and it is rarely easy. There are trials and hard decisions. There are times we need to take a bold stance and there are times we need to just love. There are times we need to rebuke and times we need to encourage. There are times that are urgent and times that need waiting for instructions. In all these things, our God is there. I want my kids to see that in all things, being ready for everything, is so much easier when we are focused on God.

So,  Tis the season to celebrate our last year of many ups and downs. I am sure I handled some with grace and some quite poorly, but my God is still the same. Tis the season for a God of Grace during the good and the bad. Tis the season to the best family this girl could be gifted with. Tis the season to friends that become family in a foreign land. Tis the season to friends from a far that commit to pray for us and support us while overseas. Tis the season to our soon coming Lord who in all things is Good and Merciful. He is the Victor in all of our victories!


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