Family meets Family

We had a great visit back to the states and arrived back in Uganda with some of my family for three weeks. Their last Sunday here happened to be the first Sunday for our church family that arrived recently. Yesterday, we were able to have family meet family then meet more family. I know that sounds a little confusing but let me explain. Throughout this journey of life that the LawsonTribe4 has been on, God has blessed us richly with family!


The first of course being our immediate family that has loved and supported us so much. The second being our Mt. Airy family. This week some of these two families got to meet, but the best part was they did not meet in America, they met at our home in Uganda, and they were able to meet our some of our Ugandan family. This really made my heart happy. I love that not only do we visit the States, but that we have people visit us. I love that my mom was able to come and make curtains for me just as she would do at my home in America and I love that my sister was able to come and help organize me like she has a knack for. I love that my niece was able to come and see what life is like so far away and to see that life is really not that much different, minus a few lizards in the house! I also love that in the midst of saying goodbye again to my family, God sent us more family. This time a team from our church.


I really cannot say enough about the church and what it means, not just us, but to all Christ followers. When you find a church that truly wants to be the church with all they are, it is amazing. The Bible gives us clear words in  Acts 14:22; “Strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith.” When our Mt. Airy family visits, this is what we get. We are nothing special. Yes, the life God has called us to has it’s share of ups and downs, but so does yours where you are. No matter where we are, we need the church to encourage and strengthen one another. I am happy, oh so happy, that we are blessed with that church.

IMG_3969 P1150319

The beautiful thing at this time, is that we also have a Ugandan family. Some are other missionaries, some are locals, and some are church members, but all are family. It was so great to see all of our families mix this weekend. I love that each are able to experience a different culture in a new way while worshiping the same God. On the road to Damascus Jesus met Saul (Paul) and told him, “I am sending you to them, to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light.” Here on the dusty roads of Uganda, our families were able to see how, even though difficult, saying yes to God and Uganda was a must.


He chose us, the LawsonTribe4, to be here for this season, so we go and walk where he tells us to walk. It is not an easy thing and some days it is very easy to become discouraged. That is why  we are so thankful to have family all over the world. Family that encourages and strengthens us to be better at serving a Holy God. Family that travels thousands of miles just to get a glimpse of what life is like here and see the amazing things that God is doing. Family that prays for us, our boys, and the ministry that God has us in at present. We don’t know exactly how long God is calling us to this place, but we know he will show us his will and as time passes we will strive to serve him willingly no matter the circumstances.

Who is God calling you to be family with. What is God calling you to? Where is God calling you to? These are all questions that we must ask ourselves. His answers will of course not be the same for everyone because we all play different roles in the kingdom. But our answer to Him should be the same: YES! Yes Lord, I will pray. Yes Lord, I will send. Yes Lord, I will go. We are all called to one. Find your families and have them meet!


The LawsonTribe4


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