Celebrate Good Times

We had the pleasure of hosting a team from Charleston, SC a week ago. They were here with Water Mission but we were able to spend a lot of time with them and it was really refreshing to have some South Carolinian’s around the house. (Of course we welcome anyone that brings grits here)! It was also a super sweet treat because my birthday fell while they were here and Doug arranged a great birthday surprise of a bread maker to make the trip with them. (I have been wanting one of those for a long time).

During the visit, I was also able to go to my first water celebration for Water Mission. Every time a project is complete, they have a really BIG event in that village to celebrate having clean water. Most of the projects are so far away that it has been hard for me to attend and have someone to watch the boys. This one was on some islands nearby. It is really an amazing project. These are 2 islands, Kisima 1 and 2. Instead of putting in two complete water systems, which would have cost a lot more money, they put the system on one island and then piped under Lake Victoria to the other island. Now both islands have clean water to drink and a latrine as well. The celebration was full of fun: Ribbon cutting, pictures, kids everywhere, boat races, water drinking of course, and smiling happy faces all around. Hearing testimonies throughout the week with the team on how clean water had changed so many lives make why we choose to stay with this mission so much easier, even through tough times and missing family and friends.

On another note, the week before at the ladies Bible study, my translators were quite late. Several of the ladies were trying to fill in with what little each of us knew of the other language and we were making it work the best we knew how, but then a girl showed up. She had been coming the last few times I had been but I did not know her name. She was in Muslim attire. She did however speak really good English. 🙂 She could see the trouble we were having and just began to translate for me. I understand enough to pick up on key words or phrases to know if she was not saying something right and of course the ladies that are there all the time would have questioned her also. We were in John chapter 19, full force into the Crucifixion of Jesus when she began translating.

After Bible Study, I usually take several of the women and drop them at their road instead of them walking. She was riding with me. When I dropped off the other ladies, she asked if I could drop her somewhere else, so now it was just she and I. I asked her where she lived and found out what family she belonged to. Once I did, I felt very comfortable asking her why she had her head covered. She told me she had converted to Islam. I of course asked her why and some other questions about what she had just read for me in Bible Study and she said she had many questions. Please pray for her. We are to meet soon to discuss questions and try to get her out of the school she is in as it seems to have influenced this decision.

Pray for us as we continue to walk this journey that God is placing before us. Pray that we will have wisdom and discernment as we make ministry decisions and that God will continue to protect us as he has so faithfully done thus far. Jesus says in John 19:28 “I am Thirsty.” Pray that we not only quench a physical need while here but that we also quench a spiritual thirst in ourselves and others. Thank you for your prayers and support. They are both invaluable.

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