Hope and Promises

We had an awesome day of worship today. Really there are no words to describe the depth of our day but I am going to try. We started our morning at a community church in Jinja that we attend regularly when we are not in Mutai. The worship was so moving to me, partly because I love to worship in song, but mostly because I knew what the rest of my day held.

“You are LIGHT, you are LIGHT when the darkness closes in;
You are HOPE, you are HOPE you have covered all my sin;
You are PEACE, you are PEACE when my fear is crippling;
You are TRUE, you are TRUE even in my wondering.
You are JOY, you are JOY, your the reason why I sing;
You are LIFE, you are LIFE in you death has lost its sting!”

Hallelujah! In Christ, we have all of these things, the things that matter that is. You know the song. Many of you could sing it by heart, but I think it had more meaning to me today than in the past. It goes on to say, “My heart will sing, no other name, Jesus, Jesus.” What a cry to have. I feel like there are so many times that I let that slide by without meditation, but today, after much in the news and so much negative going on that in the end this matters, My heart will sing, NO OTHER NAME but JESUS! I long for that to be true not just in theory and in my today but also in my tomorrow and my next week or better yet my next frustration.

We learned today a new way to celebrate baptism. This afternoon, we left community church in Jinja, ate a quick lunch in the van while heading to Mutai for the first baptism ceremony that the Mutai branch has had. This was also Doug’s first chance to help with baptism, you know since he also became a pastor while here to Engineer the clean water! 🙂 I think he was excited and a little nervous as this was not your typical baptism experience, at least not for us Americans. We headed with many people just down the road a bit from the Church in Mutai to a small river under a bridge in the road. River is really a nice word for the cold swampy area under the bridge. The people brought the church drums and we were singing and clapping while Doug carted several more van loads of church members to the area. Then the time came and The Overseer said a few words to everyone and the pastors got in the water. Doug was able to help baptize 21 people. 21 people who have either known Christ and never had a chance to be baptized as commanded or have just crossed over from death to Life today. 21 lives that are forever changed for the kingdom of Christ and folks, that is why we exist. The Bible says “go unto all the World and make disciples baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” The majority of these people, we have personally somehow loved, helped, encouraged, and taught how to do all those things to others. We were chosen by God to play a small part in this Mighty transformation. God could have used anyone, but he chose us in this moment and that is a humbling thought.

After about 45 minutes, we were done and trying to get loaded up by the masses again before the rains came. God held off the rain until the last load was picked up! God has every detail in our lives and so many times we fail to look at the small things. I give Him so much glory today as the small things turned into mountains of promises to me. Promises that no matter what this world holds, my Hope is in Jesus and so is my inheritance. We are sons and daughters to the Most High King. No matter where we are in life, or what season we find ourselves in, there is always someone who needs to know that they are loved not just by us but by the King of Kings, Jesus. Several of these ladies that were baptized are in my Bible study and I felt like a proud daughter watching them literally conquer many fears, like the water itself for one. I have grown to love these ladies so much. I love that they are real with me now and that we can laugh, sing, cry, and worship together even though I can sometimes not even communicate with words to them. We have watched these friends of Mutai learn to love and encourage one another like Christ Followers should do. We have poured into them and we have watched them pour into each other and others in the community. Neither of us are worthy to have this opportunity and yet God has given it anyway.

I have tried my best to put into words how we feel today and as I read over my words, I still feel like there is so much emotion that is left out because I am in awe of a Mighty God. Where are you in your worship today? Are you in awe at what a merciful savior has done for you? Are you in so much awe that no matter what, you choose Jesus to be your hearts song? Maybe you are at a season of life that you need to stop going through the motions of your everyday life and stop to watch that small thing turn into the mountain of promises from your heavenly Father. I pray that wherever this post finds you that you are encouraged. I pray that through this day of immeasurably more for the LawsonTribe4, that God shows you where He needs you and that you listen to His calling.

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3 thoughts on “Hope and Promises

  1. Beautiful, Jennifer! So encouraging…what a blessing to hear about what God is doing in the lives of the people there. So awesome how he is using you and Doug to further His kingdom. Excited thinking about new brothers and sisters in Christ, that I will one day get to meet in heaven!


  2. Thank you for letting me feel apart. Prayers and exultation for your family. So proud of what God is doing and using his faithful ones. We love you!!!! If you need something shipped lets know. My salesman can get most things in powder form for shipping. Like cheese


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