Summer Holiday

Here in Uganda a vacation is called a holiday. We just had the blessing of meeting Doug’s parents for a holiday in Turkey. Basically, they missed these kiddos(and us a little), and decided instead of coming back to Jinja that they would treat us to meeting them in Turkey. We stayed at a fabulous place and had 9 days of total holiday! No work, No phone calls, Just visiting and playing.

The boys and I had just finished up our school year where we learned about Ancient times in History. Did I mention that I love teaching my boys and I love that I get to teach them history and the Bible together? During our Holiday we were able to spend a day touring Ephesus. This was truly amazing and humbling to think about. The boys loved that they stood where Paul preached and of course we can’t forget that it is also where the Roman Gladiators fought. 🙂 Remember this tribe is all boy except this mama! It was a treat to be able to relate what we had studied to real historic visuals. We also got a huge bonus being able to see archaeologist there digging while we were touring.

We also visited a fabulous pottery shop and learned all about how it works and see the finished product. Doug and I were able to take a day to ourselves and cruise the Mediterranean Sea. The boat was amazing and complete with a water slide and high dive! It was a great time to just relax and be together for the day. The trip was truly amazing and rewarding. We of course loved spending long days at the water-park and late nights playing cards with Grandma and Grandpa. It is always hard to hug goodbye again, but we are thankful for the time spent with them on this holiday.

Now that we are back in Uganda and getting back into the swing of normal for us, Water projects abound everywhere and Doug stays busy. Mutai is doing well and all kids seem to be finishing strong in Term 2 for Uganda schools. I am preparing for the next school year. I cannot believe I have a 2nd and 5th grader! Homeschooling is hard, but so rewarding as you see them grow and teach them not only the basics but the life skills you hope they portray also. Being a wife and a mom is my calling right now and I am grateful that God chose me in this moment.

Please be in prayer for Doug as he works and leads. Pray for discernment and wisdom where needed. Pray for Mutai and the people there that their focus will remain of God and that they will continue to grow in Him. Pray for all of the Ugandan kids we support as they end Term 2 and begin Term 3. Some of them will have national testing this year that will determine if they can move on. Pray for me and the boys as we embrace another school year. Pray that God gives me the wisdom that I need to be the wife, mom, and teacher that I need to be for this wonderful tribe I have been blessed with. Pray about how you may be able to get involved with ministry here in Uganda and let me know if you have questions about how to do that.

The LawsonTribe4

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