Water Day 2015

A few weeks ago, while Doug was traveling to assess a new village, he met a woman that told him she walked 3.5 hours round trip 3-4 times a day to fetch water. Worse than that, the water she is fetching is still dirty. When he returned home to tell me this story, my heart broke. This beautiful woman, along with so many others, spends most of her day walking for something that we take for granted on a daily basis. The World Water Crisis is real and we are so excited to be a part of Water Missions International, where the goal is not just to meet the physical need of clean water, but to also meet a much greater need: The Gospel.  If you would like to know more about Water Missions International and what they do please visit www.watermissions.org.

I could really sit and write about so many different stories that have come about today as we have gone into Jinja Town to share the Gospel by offering a free gift of water. Not just a free bottle of water, but the gift of the living water too, Jesus Christ. I guess for the sake of this post I will have to choose only a few to share about right now. God is so good and so faithful to go before us as we seek His will. I will start with Grace. This sweet young woman became a sister in Christ last year during Water Day. She was Muslim and so telling her family this great news also came at great cost. She has a 5 year old son and was basically kicked out from her home.  She longs for her family to know Christ also. Today, she joined us in sharing the gospel. She told me herself this morning that she was very nervous. Since she is still a baby in Christ and not knowing how to answer so many questions, she was scared. I told her anytime we come out of our comfort zone for Christ that fear is there. I told her she did not have to know all of the answers, she could tell them she was new to this life and still be a great testimony. That she was. Today she overcame that fear and shared with others that her Joy and Hope is now in Christ Jesus! She wanted some of the men to go and see her Uncle who owns a shop on Main Street. Doug and another man went to do just that. They were able to share the entire gospel with this Muslim man and he listened. He did not accept Christ, but he told Doug that he would allow him to come back to talk more about Jesus. 🙂  Grace really made my heart overjoyed as she joined us today, shared her testimony, and overcame her fear of sharing Jesus.

We were also blessed to have several guys from a nearby Bible school, associated with YWAM or Youth with a Mission, join us today. It was a two fold blessing really. They were so happy to join and most of them spoke the local language. They split up so each team had 1-2 translators. It was so great. I have learned to greet people in Lugandan, ask if they know Jesus, and other short phrases like that, but it was so nice to have someone that could jump in and share the whole gospel. One of these YWAM guys told us after the event that he was once a street kid here in Jinja. He was one of those kids that roamed the streets asking for money and food. He shared that it was really rewarding for him because he crossed paths with people he knew from his past and he was able to share how he had changed. Talk about Divine appointments! He was able to tell these people how he had gotten to where he is now…..Jesus Christ! And now he is even in Bible school. He shared with them and he said it was such a great moment for him in his walk.

These stories, along with so many others, make for a happy heart for all! It was also a joy to watch the kids go and give water. They have also come a long way since the first outing. They go right up and ask “Do you know Jesus” or “God loves you.” Wyatt even asked me to tell him how to ask them in Luganda if they knew Jesus. I love that we are able to involve the kids in this day. I love that they help prepare and that they help spread the word. They are seeing this and learning at an early age. No, they don’t go much farther than those few questions or statements, but they are learning and for that I am blessed!

The Bible tells us that we are to love like Jesus loves and that we are to go and tell others about the one in whom we have hope. I have tears as I think about where God has placed my family right now and how He has allowed us to be a part of this great thing. We would like to ask you all to join us in prayer for the few lives that moved from darkness to light, and for the many seeds that were planted today. We would also ask that you pray for our daily work here and for it to not become mundane but stay fruitful for His kingdom.


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