He Loves Us

The last few weeks have been fun and overwhelming. My parents were her for a visit and we had such a great time of fellowship and fun with them. It had been over a year since we had seen them and we were overfilled with joy! The time passed way to quickly, as it always seems to, and they had to begin their journey back. It was hard to hug goodbye again, but a little better knowing that we also board a plane soon for a short furlough. 🙂

The past two Sundays, I have just been in awe at what God has been teaching me. Two Sundays ago, we were in Mutai and my parents were still with us. The church was full and the Choir was singing. They were showing the church their songs for the Big “Ebeneezer” event coming up this weekend. The best part for me comes with a background story about a sweet girl named Esther. Several months ago, I was asked to look at a knot on Esther’s earlobe. Her mom had taken her to the hospital here to have it looked at and the wanted a large sum of money to fix it. She was asking us to help. Esther is a teenage girl. She sat in the back at church when she came and never went anywhere without her head covered because of this golf ball size knot. It looked to me like a big Keloid scar, which is simple to remove but I did not want her to go to Jinja Main. The hospital here is interesting to say the least and well not where I would want to have anything removed. Not to mention the money they were requesting and the fact that a actual doctor would probably not be there. I wanted her to see a doctor that I knew and trusted so I sent her to a different clinic. God is truly amazing in the people he puts in our paths. Esther went to see the new doctor and he agreed on what it was and sent her to a hospital in the capital city to see a plastic surgeon. (Side Note: We had been given money from a small church in SC to help with medical care of kids and we were able to use some of this money to help with transportation to and from this new hospital). Now, someone from the church took her to see this doctor the next week and then the next week it was removed. We also paid for her to travel to follow up. I tell you this story for two reasons….. first, God provided and this sweet girl was able to have this scar tissue removed for only travel expenses. Where as the hospital in town wanted to charge such a large amount, the other hospital did the surgery for free because of her age and the referral from the doctor I knew. Only God can work things like that out. Second, She was not only in church without her head covered on this Sunday, but she sang the lead in the Choir with the biggest smile. My heart was so overjoyed not just for her and this family, but that God loves us that much. He loves this family and Esther that much. Through God loving them and providing for them through us and others Esther has grown in her faith. Also,her older sister has started coming to the Ladies Bible Study with their mom. God is GREAT, sing His praise, All the Earth, ALL the Heavens.

Esther is to the far left. This is her family.

Esther is to the far left. This is her family.

Then this past Sunday we were at Worship service at Acacia and the praise team was singing the song “How He loves us” and I was just filled with tears. I have been emotional anyway since my parents left and we are preparing to visit the states for the first time and for that visit, Doug and I will be split for a bit. Really, for those that know me well, know that I can cry at a TV commercial if the mood is there so you may be thinking this is nothing new for you. But God has really just overflowed me this week with His goodness and to think about singing that song and thinking of Oh How He loves us. He loves US!!! This is plural. He loves me for sure, but He loves all of us and loves all of us the same no matter where we live or our social status. Sometimes He shows us that love in tangible ways and others just by His presence within us. I thought about His love for me and my family and how that Love has called us to this exact spot to show that love to others. I thought about how many times pass me by that I may not love as Jesus loves me and how that makes my heart ache. I want to love as God loves me. I want to see others through His eyes. This Jesus that I serve, He Loves US and I really pray that God continues to teach my family how to love like that.

On top of all of this emotion, we are also preparing to see 8 beloved members from our home church, Mt. Airy, as they are now on a plane to serve with us for a week. We will pick them up tomorrow and the fun will begin. 🙂 We love that God has shown His love also through this family as they are choosing to visit where we now call home and learn a little about our ministry here. Again, our hearts overflow with a Joy because He loves us. Our God, the Creator God, the Living God, The One True God, He loves us! So much that he sent His son to die on on cross for you and for me. Why are we sometimes so reluctant to share that Love? This is my heart right now, so full of emotion and still breaking for those I see everyday that are lost in a love that is not real.

Please pray for our family as the boys and I will be traveling back to the states with the team on the 17th. Doug will follow the end of Oct. This is the longest that we have ever been apart as a family. Pray also for the ministries we leave for a couple of months, that things would run smoothly and that we would get a good break with our friends and family back in the states.

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One thought on “He Loves Us

  1. We are so proud of you all. You are shining His light from that spot on the earth which God orchestrated. Others will hear about the only one who can save, satisfy, and truly bring us all home!

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