Giving Thanks

” Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6

It is hard to believe that we have been in Uganda for 10 months now. We are praising God for so many things. We give Him glory for all the great things He has done in the last 10 months. We have seen many people drinking clean water and have had many opportunities to show the Love of Christ to others. We are so grateful for those who serve along side us in prayer and support.  I stand in Awe that God loves us so much that in those moments that we think we are to bless someone else, we are really the ones blessed most. 

One thing that our family, as well as many of you, have been praying for is healing of a cyst that Wyatt has had since arrival. For those who are not aware, before we arrived in Uganda, Wyatt had a spot on his left temple area. I was not really worried about it. I just thought it was a bump. After a few months in Uganda, it became infected and very swollen and red. I spoke to and sent pictures to several doctors in America. He took multiple rounds of Antibiotics and well, they just were not doing the trick really. I was told that this would have to be surgically removed. Wyatt, in his short life of 9 years, has had surgery way too many times and well this was top on his list of things to do when back in the states. I asked many of you to pray with us that this cyst would be healed and go away without surgery or anymore infection. Several weeks ago now I noticed that there was a small hole in the area. I looked closely and it looked as though the cyst had just popped out. We give God total glory and praise as we believe that He chose to grant healing upon this cyst. We have had no trouble, pain, or infection since that time and even the discoloration is improving. 

Another thing that has been on our prayer list is housing. I am happy to report that we have agreed upon rent to stay in the house that we are currently in. We have been looking around the area but nothing has really stood out to us. We are so blessed right now with a nice yard for the boys to run around in and a great location close to town. Here, we have been asked to pay a year in advance for rent. That is a lot of money at one time. We give God all the glory for the generosity of many of you that gave to help us with our rent for this year. Praise Him, it has been paid in full! 

We also give Praise that Summer is upon you all and for us that means visitors! We are excited that we have some familiar faces from SC coming to visit. We have Leanne and Bailey arriving on Friday to stay for a month. Then, my niece Hannah Kate will arrive in July. My parents come in August and a Mt. Airy team in September. Please be in prayer for all of these visits and their travel mercies. Also, pray for us as we try to decide the best time for our family to furlough back to SC. 

We also give God praise for all the ministries He has set before us. We give Him praise that He is equipping us as He calls us and only God can receive the credit. He has allowed us to help several with school and with jobs. Please pray that we can continue to sift through the many requests for help and wisely discern His answer for each case. “It’s not about us, It’s all about Him, and then about them.” 

If you have chosen to give to our ministry, we thank God for you. We praise Him because we could not do all we do without you. I blogged last about a lot of ministries that we have going on now. If you have chosen to give and want your money to go towards a certain ministry please remember to let us know by email. We only receive your name on the donor list, no specifications or the amount of the gift. Thank you again for oh so many prayers and the support given. To God be the Glory, Great things HE has done! 




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