Water Day…..Ugandan Style!

Wow! Saturday was by far one of the best I have had since being in Uganda. Most of you know what the Walk for Water is (since I have been posting about it for months) but for those who do not, the company we work for, Water Missions International, has a fundraiser once a year called the Walk for Water. It takes place in Charleston, SC and it is a really big event. This is the first year that we have been involved with Water Missions during the walk and I just felt compelled to somehow be a part of it, but as you all know we are kinda far away! 🙂  I have been thinking for many months now about how we can make the Walk for Water come to life here in Jinja, Uganda. Of course walking for water in a place where they need it so desperately seemed odd, so God laid it on my heart to buy lots of water and hand it out for free. That is exactly what we did. Doug and I bought 12 cases of water and gathered our own team of helpers. Three other families and one other lady decided to join our team on this side of the globe. These families have become some of my dearest friends as we meet for home-school classes once a week. It is a privilege that God has brought them into our lives and that I get to pray with other moms weekly over our struggles, our ministries, and our schooling. We actually had an outing scheduled for this day and instead of us not joining them, they wanted to join us. God is so awesome.


My idea that God had given was that we should attach a verse to the water and as we hand it out say, “God loves you.” I have prayed that God would send people to each group that had questions. A couple of weeks ago for our “class” all of the kids pitched in and helped cut verses, sign verses, tie verses to the bottles, and reload into their boxes. They all worked so hard that day, we completed all 12 cases of water! Saturday morning we gathered at our place for a time of prayer and organization then off we went. We split up into four groups and went to different areas of Main Street. We met up again in the middle when everyone was done for stories. Some were able to pray with people, some were able to share the gospel. Three stories I heard really stand out. One team was able to share the gospel to one person and then watch her share it with someone else. That is just cool! Also, one team had someone they knew that wanted to join them in passing out water and right after that, the team needed someone that spoke Luganda and God had just provided it by sending this friend. People, I tell you, God hears our crys, He knew just when to send this one special person that would be able to translate the gospel as someone else shared it. It does not get any better than that. One lady was able to talk and pray with a lady that had many questions. They traded numbers and the girl texted in the middle of the night to say “she was burdened. That she wanted to know more about this Jesus.” Nobody had anyone that accepted Christ that day, but as you can tell many seeds were planted, many questions were asked and answered, and God has been preparing hearts for this day.

The verse we chose for the bottles was used in a sermon by our pastor in America not long ago entitled “Thirsty.” The passage was Revelation 21:6 “He said to me: It is done. I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life.” I chose this verse for several reasons but the main reason is because we were giving a free gift that is very much needed here. The people we gave this water too were so happy. They could not believe that we would give them something for free. But better than that, it lead us into great conversation of the free gift that Jesus has for them. We were able to tell them about the free gift of salvation from a mighty and gracious God that loves them oh so much. Our prayer is that as seeds were planted that someone would come along to water them and at just the right time reap the harvest of another life in Heaven.

This was such an exciting day for all of us. We had several countries represented just within our 4 groups including Holland, USA, Australia, and South Africa. No matter where we are from, we have one common and that is Jesus Christ. It was a great blessing to be able to share this with others. We all agree that once a year is not enough where we are so we have decided to do it once a quarter. I also cannot write this blog without thanking those dear friends that represented LawsonTribe4 so well in Charleston. Thank you so much Leslie and Joey Williams for gathering a great team to go to Charleston. You all worked very hard to support our work here and around the world! Thank you also to all who donated to the Walk for Water! Every dollar counts! Please pray for those that were impacted here in Jinja but also for those that will be impacted all over the World by safe water projects at WMI!



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