“Sitting at the Spout where the Glory comes out”

Well folks, I am just gonna spend a few moments being very real in this blog in hopes that it may be an encouragement to some of you as well as a little therapy writing for myself. Our family has now been in Uganda for 6 1/2 months. We just had a wonderful visit from some of Doug’s family and things are still going really great here. Doug is staying very busy at work, but it is a good kind of busy. It is so awesome to see and hear stories of all the people that Water Missions affects. They have actually sent disaster relief systems to the South Sudan in the last couple of weeks. Though it is a lot of work to make sure these things not only happen, but fit in a budget and are done right, the outcome is so worth it. Having said all of this, I have found myself the last few weeks in a state of discouragement. Everyone says that this is normal during this time frame of being overseas. People have told me that between 6 and 9 months things can get tougher, but I know it is just the devil trying to lure me into misconceptions and well I am determined not to let him win! 

For several weeks now we have been studying one of my favorite bible stories at church, Nehemiah. Doug preaches in Mutai every other week and on the off weeks we attend Acacia. It is about half Ugandan and half missionaries. The pastor there is a wonderful (southern) man of God  who shares his heart weekly. What makes it better is the last two times we have been our kids have actually gone to the kids program without me so Doug and I have been able to sit and worship together, uninterrupted. This Sunday was just great in that God really spoke to me about my state of discouragement. We sang some great songs but the final message in Nehemiah really got to me. The title of the blog was the quote of the day. I wish I could claim but I can’t, the pastor said it in his message. He was actually talking about sitting up front in church so you are not distracted but to me it spoke as though I need to always be at the feet of Jesus. So, I have set myself up on a 52 day challenge. You may ask why 52 days? Well, in Nehemiah the wall was rebuilt in 52 days. I think that during this time in my life that God wants be to rebuild some things in me. When I first thought about that, I was a little ashamed. I kinda thought Lord, I am on the mission field, I am in your will, yet I feel I need to change, why? He gently says to me and to you, “do not be ashamed, I am the potter, you are the clay.” How grateful I am today for this little reminder that we are all being rebuilt…. if we take the time to allow Him to do so. 

Maybe you are in the same boat. Maybe God is trying to rebuild you. Are you going to allow it? Maybe you need to take this challenge also (or make up your own as you listen to the Lord). Here is what I have committed to do for at least the next 52 days and my prayer is that I am changed so much that I do not want to stop changing for His Honor. I am waking up before everyone else in my house (and for me, after working nights for so long, I am usually the last one up so this is big), I am studying Nehemiah Chapters 8&9 along with reading a part of Psalm 119. You might ask why these chapters? Well, It was encouraged to dig deeper and this is where Nehemiah really gets good. If you do not know the whole story in this book you should read it first. It is a short book and will not take long but in these chapters it is not just talking about rebuilding a wall anymore, it is talking about rebuilding a people. Today, Christians need to rebuild, not just here in Uganda or another part of the world but right there in America too. We need to take a firm stand before a Holy God and take action for the kingdom. I want to be rebuilt, not just in the next 52 days, but everyday after that as well. I hope that on the day I stand before the Lord that he can say “well done thy good and faithful servant. You have ran your race well!”  So join me, for the next 52 days, or for whatever challenge the Lord calls you too. Let God show you eternal promises to get you through anything and share them with me too! Let’s join together as Christians and “Sit at the spout where the Glory comes out,” the feet of a Holy God who loves us enough to rebuild us in His image! Promise number one for me. Nehemiah 8:10b ” Do not grieve, for the Joy of the Lord is your strength.” 

Attached are a few pictures from our visit with the Lawson’s and my ladies bible study. These women are amazing! Please pray for them, that they too can be rebuilt for the kingdom.

Link to pics




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