What can your Dollar do in Africa?

Before we left the states, we spoke at different places and at all of them, especially those that had children, we asked this question: What can your dollar do in Africa? There are many who think about what a dollar can do in America (practically nothing) and assume the same is true in other parts of the world. The fact is, it is far from truth that your dollar can do nothing in Africa or any other third world country for that matter. It is actually pretty amazing how far a dollar can go here.

I write this blog for two reasons. The first is to make sure you all know that your donations can make a difference no matter how big or how small and to also let you know of two sweet girls that I am super proud of. Since we have been in Africa we have received donations from two girls in Anderson, SC that have used their talents and time to raise money for clean water in Africa. They have taken to heart what their dollar can do to help others. These girls have made a sacrifice for the Lord and for His Kingdom by simply having fun. Isn’t that what serving God is suppose to be, FUN!  Lilly Stone made and sold pot holders and Kiley Seaver made and sold scarves so that they could give ALL proceeds to clean water in Africa, AKA, LawsonTribe4 fund, or to Lilly her friends Wyatt and Jonas. Together these girls raised close to $360. I should also add that these girls are 7 years old, so anyone can make efforts for the Kingdom. I am not just proud that these two raised money for clean water but because there hearts are pure in their intentions. They only want to help. They want nothing in return. I am reminded of the verse “Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.” Proverbs 20:11. Both of these girls had pure intentions to help out any way that they could. This is Lilly with her pot holders that she sent to me in Africa! What a great Christmas gift! Thanks Lilly. And thanks to you too Kiley for serving the Lord and loving the people in Africa.






What can you do? What can your Sunday School class do? What could your home school group do? What could your church do? What could your association do? The list can go on and on and get bigger and bigger in helpers, the real question is do you believe that your dollar or dollars can do BIG THINGS for God’s glory. It does not have to be for clean water or for the LawsonTribe4, even though we would be grateful, but there are plenty of missionaries with great missions for God’s Kingdom Glory. The point is do something! Believe that every dollar counts because it does. Now to show you just a small list of what your dollar can do in Africa.

  1. Pay for a doctor’s visit
  2. Purchase Malaria cure for three people
  3. Feed one child three meals for a day
  4. Buy a pair of pants, a shirt and some underpants for a small child
  5. Buy enough water for a family of three to drink for a week

Make a choice! By these statistics these girls just helped provide water for a lot of people and probably saved the lives of many children their own ages. To God be the Glory!! Lilly and Kiley, the LawsonTribe4 thanks you from the bottom of their hearts for giving to the people of Africa and God is honored to be given the Glory for your efforts. If you would like to give to water efforts here in Africa, please remember that Water Missions also has a focus on evangelism and community development and also that Doug and I are now a part of a village church in Mutai. We also use donations to purchase bibles and for transportation to bible studies. Our church Mt. Airy Baptist has graciously set up an account that is easy for you to give online to us personally at www.mtairybaptist.com and see what your dollar can do!

Blessed to be a blessing,



4 thoughts on “What can your Dollar do in Africa?

  1. Thank you for this post. I had Kiley read it, she got so excited when she saw her name. But she was upset with me that I did not send you a picture of her. So I’m sending you a picture and also she has $40 more for Africa

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