New Opportunities

We have been praying over exactly what ministry other than water that God would have our family be a part of since we arrived. He has shown us many good things to be involved in here, but our prayer has been what specifically do you want us to take part in. Our main focus is of course water but we wanted to be intentional about not just living life like we were back in the states as an Engineer and a House wife. We wanted our family to also have a discipleship ministry somehow. Well, we are happy to announce that we feel like God has shown us just the place for us.

Mutai is a village about 30 minutes from our home. There is a small village church there that was planted a year ago. We were asked about a month ago to visit and to pray about ministering there. Doug was asked to preach and disciple some of the men and they wanted me to handle the Children’s program and do some Women’s Discipleship. We have been there the last two Sundays and we have decided that God wants us to help grow the leaders of this church for a bit. With Doug working as much as he does with WMI, we could not rightly commit ourselves to be a Full Time Pastor on top of that so we have decide to co lead this church with another Ugandan Pastor and his wife. We will serve at Mutai two Sunday’s a month. I am going to help get a Children’s program started and I am also going to start a Women’s Discipleship program that will meet twice a month for the moment. It was really neat to see how eager the women were to get started. When it was announced at the service a lady wanted to know right then what day this was starting. We will be paying for these ladies to taxi into Jinja two afternoons a month to have an hour class. Please pray for the Mutai village and their church. They were challenged this past week on being disciples and to have 30 new members by the end of the year. They are very eager and hopefully will all bring someone with them to meet that number.

It is interesting how “no” is never really given as an answer here in Uganda. I have been told that people do not want to take the chance of hurting your feelings so they will instead say something like “maybe you try back tomorrow” or “Those are found in the evenings.” I had this happen to me while looking for orange sweet potatoes for my Thanksgiving dinner. I am told they exist but are hard to find, but I am not so sure. One lady told my guard that those were evening potatoes……I actually did go back with a friend in the evening and well….was told to try again tomorrow. LOL. I say this to tell you that Doug and I had a meeting with the church leader and he was asking me about the kids. He wanted me to teach that next day and I said no that I thought we should introduce the idea and recruit a few helpers to translate and such. He said OK, but the next day, after praise and worship all the kids started to leave out. I thought wow, these ladies are going to try and have a little kids program on their own. I went back to see what was going on and well…….I asked what I thought was a legitimate question and was told I was giving the lesson! All I could do was laugh and go with it, so I told the story of David and Goliath and Jonah and the Whale. We sang some songs and then went back to church for the second round of praise and Doug’s sermon.

Praise and worship is great here. They try to have some English songs when we are there and the boys brought there own instruments this week, so they played and danced around some. Still hard for them to get use to all that, but us too really so….when we are back home and have our maracas, tambourines, and drums at church with us, love us anyway and even join in……It is actually quite fun!

Another fun thing we hope to get to do this year is Operation Christmas Child. We have always done shoe boxes this times of year with the boys and we all enjoy it so much. I contacted Operation Christmas Child here in Jinja and I am suppose to meet with the pastor and we may get to help distribute boxes. My prayer is that we not only get to help but that maybe, just maybe God has it in store for some of your boxes to come here. I get tears just thinking of it really. This will be an unforgettable moment for all of us if the Lord sees fit for it to work out.

That is what is going on with the LawsonTribe4. We hope you all enjoy the holiday season. More to come on our first African Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for, my guess is no matter where you are in life that you do too! Blessed to be a Blessing…..sounds like a great sermon…Oh yeah, it was a great sermon! (thanks Pastor Keith)! Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. We feel the prayers and God is up to Big things here. We are humbled to be a part!



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3 thoughts on “New Opportunities

  1. It is always exciting to hear what God is doing in your lives. It’s wonderful. Happy African Thanksgiving! We miss you guys. Please pray for Astra and her sisters and mom and dad ( whoever that is). Pray for miracles. Thank you! She goes back home dec 20. Not good unless God intervenes. Tonya

  2. Our family used the Go-boxes, so nothing distinguishing outside. However, they all contain a Christmas Card written by Lilly. Whether it’s ours or someone else’s, it would be so like our God for you to hand out a friend’s box. I really hope it all works out.

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