This past weekend we had a grand adventure. Doug had a day off work due to a public holiday and Jonas turned 6 on Sunday, so we decided to take a trip to Sipi Falls. It is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Jinja so we left Thursday afternoon and came home Saturday evening. We stayed at Noah’s Ark Hotel, which Jonas thought was fabulous since he loves that story in the Bible. Friday morning, after a hardy breakfast, we headed out for our first set of hikes. Now, you should first know that I am not a hiker and this was the first real hike for the boys also. This fact makes the adventure even more so. When I say Hike, I do not mean a large path to follow or steps to climb, I mean path that may or may not allow you to put one foot in front of the other quite literally. At some parts we were walking through bushes taller than Jonas and no idea where to put a foot except right in the place where the person in front of you did. I should have known I was in for more than I bargained for when they handed all of us a hiking stick. LOL.

The first climb was not too bad. We ended up behind the waterfall which was absolutely amazing. We also watched another man walk down into the falls for a shower. (No thanks)!! We then kept moving to the next height upward where we found a little pool area for the boys to play in. They thought this was awesome to say the least. They took off their shoes and had a blast. I was so proud that so far we had been hiking for about 2 hours and no complaining of being to tired to move on. ( and nobody had to potty so far)! We had yet another climb to make to get to the top and it was well worth every bit of it. None of us have ever seen anything like it before and it was breath-taking. After a few pictures we began to come back down the mountain. The total time was about 3.5 to 4 hours of hiking. My feet had never been so dirty in all my life. LOL! (some of you know that is a very true statement).

After lunch and a foot bath we had a coffee tour. We went into a village near by and they showed us all about the coffee bean and how to make your own coffee. They started a fire in the “kitchen hut” and began  to roast the beans that we had just helped remove from the shell. I had no idea that coffee beans actually had three coverings. They also boiled water for us to taste what we had done before sending us home with some beans and some that we had ground. The kids had a great time playing with the kids in the village. They held baby chicks and Wyatt learned how to roll a tire with a stick. (that is what the kids play with around here). After afternoon coffee we went on another short hike to watch the sunset.

On Saturday Morning there was one hike left and that was to the bottom of the falls. It was the hardest of all. There were parts that were literally straight down and so narrow that even Wyatt made comment that it would not be good to slip. There was also a part of this journey that had no path really but you just walked through the brush that was almost as tall as Jonas. On this hike we also got to do some cave exploring. We went into the cave and to the back where the bats were. They were everywhere. We found some crystals to keep as well. Wyatt enjoyed trying to bust open the rocks and find the crystals inside.

We ended the weekend on Sunday back at home with a great day of worship and a super fun birthday party. We had some friends over for a Ninja Turtle Party. I made Jonas a Leonardo cake and we had ice cream. Our wonderful friends brought over home-made pizza. No Ninja Turtle mutation is complete until they eat their pizza! We had water balloon games and fights. Two of our guards were here and had never seen water balloons so they participated in the fun. Jonas of course had some gifts also, thanks to all who sent packages! It was a great ending to a great weekend. God has richly blessed us to be in Jinja and with the people around us here.

Don’t forget the picture links at the bottom. There will be two this time. One of the falls and one for the party. Enjoy and thanks so much for the prayers and support.



Sipi Falls Picture Link

Birthday Party Link


3 thoughts on “Adventure

  1. It is great to see the boys and yall. I can see that they are really growing up. Ethan and Kyle are doing great. Tell Jonas happy birthday!!! I can not believe he is 6 . Please stay in touch. I loved the pictures!!!!!

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