Hole in One

Yesterday we had a great day of Worship. We were at our familiar church and the message was great as usual. I just love the worship time because everyone is so free and open to worship. We sang some great songs and just when you think your kids are not listening because they are roaming around or playing in the dirt under the chair, They finish the pastor’s sentence by quoting the rest of a scripture. What a wonderful way to start your week! It gives me quite the feeling of awe when I think about all the change our family has been through the last two months yet my kids are learning to stand firm on what they know is true always, The word of the Lord. Funny thing is, I think Doug and I are learning that more and more too as we try to figure out our places here that God has for us all.

After Worship, we went out to dinner with some wonderful friends from America that are here through WMI for a visit. At the restaurant the boys went for a tour while we waited to find the pool and Crazy Golf! Yes, we found nine holes of miniature golf to play. The boys were so excited. After lunch, we played golf. It was a little different from what you are thinking of from the states. It was all concrete, so no artificial grass to slow your ball down. Wyatt and Jonas had to share a club and a ball and so did Doug and I. I started out with a hole in one on the first one just to set the standard and let everyone know Mom rules! LOL! ( I can assure you that this was pure luck and a straight shot that happen to bounce right! No true skill involved). However, Jonas got his first ever hole in one that actually took a good bit of skill. He was so excited. (It was hole number 5 when looking at pictures).

Later that evening, we went to a missionary fellowship to meet some other people. The boys met some more MK’s and had a blast playing outside in the dark with LOTS of bug spray. I usually make them come in about 6:30 in the evenings since that is when the mosquitos come out, so this was a real treat. We had a great time of prayer, devotion, and fellowship to end our day. It was such a sweet day in the Lord.  God is so good to us every day and I treasure these memories that will last a lifetime!

Just a quick update on the ministry that is going on here and our visa situation since so many have asked. We were thinking of going to Kenya to renew since Doug’s work permit is not ready yet. In light of the terrorist situation in Kenya that has also put Uganda on high alert we were happy to  be able to renew here in Jinja for another three months. This was a huge praise for us. So we are all good now until next year and hopefully at least Doug’s pass will be done by then. Doug just got back from a week-long trip to West Uganda. It was a good trip with lots of meetings to talk about some projects getting ready to start there on Lake Albert. I am so grateful for those who prayed for his safety but also for the boys and I. People that know me know I do not enjoy staying alone but I had more peace during this time than ever before and I know it was from you lifting me up in your prayers. God is a God of peace and comfort. He was my shield and my fortress in my time of need.  Last but certainly not least, one of our guards had to bury his brother-in-law today. He was 25 years old and they found him dead yesterday. He had suffered injury at work and had some complications. Here it is quite different when someone passes. The family has to get help to buy a coffin and drive the body themselves to the so-called “morgue” then bury them. Please pray for comfort during this time as I cannot imagine having to do some of the things Michael explained to me while grieving.  Thank you all so much for the prayers, not just for our family but our “extended family” here and those we can minister too as well.



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2 thoughts on “Hole in One

  1. Missing you and praying constantly- funny how thoughts if you come up Sunday I was listening to praise and worship and the song you sang at white field was on- just a reminder from The Lord to think of you!!!

  2. Wonderful to see you all healthy and happy. The children are having the time of their lives, aren’t they? It’s all a great adventure for the Lord!! Great that the visa issue was solved for awhile. God has a way of working those things out!

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