Fun Day with Hamid

We have really been super blessed with the guards that are with us daily. Hamid is here Monday through Saturday during the day so the boys spend a lot of time with him. He plays soccer everyday with them and allows them to help with anything. The first fun thing that happened after school today was that our caterpillar finally became a butterfly. Hamid had never seen this and we had been showing him the different stages. We caught the caterpillar only because I wanted to know if it was dangerous and Hamid said yes, it would bite you. So, I had it in a jar for the boys to see and know to stay away. Within 2 days he had made a cocoon, so we decided to watch and see what happened. We showed Hamid the cocoon and today the boys were so excited to show him the butterfly. We set him free in the yard, everyone amazed at what they had watched.

Later this afternoon, Hamid was planting lettuce. The boys came in and said we are going to help plant flowers. I thought ok with me as long as you are not in the way.  Then the conversation takes place:

Wyatt: “Mom, where are our work gloves and the little shovel?”

Me: “Those did not make the list to come here son, I do not have gloves and a shovel.”

Wyatt: “Mom, you have gloves.”

Me: ” I have medical gloves.”

Wyatt: “yes, those will work.”

So he proceeds to get a pair of gloves. Now, I admit at this point I am a bit curious about what is exactly going on but I am also on Skype with my mom so……..I just went with it. I ventured outside later to see the sites you see in these pictures. Shoes off, in the mud, and absolutely filthy and happy! Both boys looked at me like “what?? Hamid said we could help.” After the lettuce planting, Hamid made them their own mud pit. They continued to play and decided to make Lake Victoria and the Nile River flowing from it. I thought hey, farming and geography, this can count as school!! (For all of you thinking what?? You should know that Bible, Math, and Reading had already been accomplished).

Hamid told Jonas he was going to turn brown like him, Jonas said “I know, it’s ok!” LOL. It was such a fun time. Wyatt even got me with the water hose while they were cleaning up. The clothes actually came cleaner than I expected and the memories will stay for a lifetime! Please pray for our guards here. They are great men with great families and we are also making them a part of our family too. God is still doing immeasurable more than I could ever hope or imagine and I want to let it all be for His Kingdom Glory!



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2 thoughts on “Fun Day with Hamid

  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful stories and keeping us up to date on what is happening. God is truly blessing you and your family. Thanks.

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