Houseless but not Homeless

Today is a milestone day. A day to praise for so many reasons for our family. Today we have become “houseless”. Today, finally, our house closed along with a sweet chapter of life as we knew it in Anderson, SC. I think back to first putting the house on the market and thinking how great it might be to sell right away and what a story we would have if God sold it that day or in the first week. We ran all sorts of great scenarios in our heads while placing it on the market at first. I remember having a conversation with my sister and telling her that maybe God’s plan was for us to keep the house and enjoy the home we had been blessed with right up til the very last minute. One thing is for sure, God’s timing is always perfect. Today, as I sit in Africa while our precious friend signs a bunch of paperwork for us to be “houseless”, I am overwhelmed by the statement of my Husband, “houseless but not homeless”. Home is where the heart is and right now ours is in Jinja, Uganda focused on what only God can do with us and through us.

For the last 3 weeks, we have been making Jinja our new home, our new normal. It has been challenging at times, scary at times, funny at times, but praiseworthy ALL the time. God has been so good to us since we took that giant leap of faith and he has seen us all the way through to making this a home. We have made some new friends that love the Lord and football (they are Georgia fans, but we have agreed to still be friends after the game no matter what, LOL)!! The kids play well together and love having friends here. Doug loves work and feels like He is doing what God designed him to do and making a difference at the same time. The boys and I are loving it here, even with the nature we encounter daily and the TV we must beat up to make all the lines go away to watch a movie. We have conquered driving here with only a few small mishaps so far: Doug getting stopped by police and me using my wipers at least once every drive for the blinker. (Everything is opposite here).  The guards here are wonderful and play soccer with Wyatt daily. Wyatt will come home one great futbol player!  We have tackled trying new foods and making new foods with Joy, mostly!  I have even eaten Chinese and Wyatt ate beans in his rice tonight and liked it (for those who can’t believe it, he wanted his picture shown so see below)! We are all discovering new likes and God is changing our taste-buds for His kingdom glory! God is answering prayers daily and it just gives me chills and tears to think about all He has done.

Thank you all for being a vital part in this life change. Your prayers are an essential part to our journey. We are blessed to be used by God in this manner and blessed to have wonderful prayer partners for the journey. As everything usually does, this reminds me of the words to a song I use to sing with a ladies group…..”This world is not my home, I’m just a passing through,” and so thankful we are passing through this exact point along the way. We are confirmed everyday that this is the place God wants us to be right now for His Glory!  We Praise Him for He is good and His mercies are new each morning.



Ephesians 3: 20-21 ( who knew after committing this verse to memory over a year ago that he would show me over and over again what He meant. Should make us want to learn more and more. Thanks Pastor Keith!)

Wyatt eating his beans and rice with a little Ham in there too!

Wyatt eating his beans and rice with a little Ham in there too!

Jonas can't be out done. But he usually eats more! He likes his toast with jam.

Jonas can’t be out done.  He likes his toast with watermelon jam.


3 thoughts on “Houseless but not Homeless

  1. Jennifer,
    I just sense such a peace in the midst of change. God is truly blessing you and stretching you, but allowing that Holy Spirit gift of peace to surround and support you. It is a joy to hear about your lives; struggles and blessings. We continue to miss you and pray for you.

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