Wherever He Leads, I’ll go……..



This was the invitation on August 4th 2013, our last Sunday in the states. We have sang it many times before and I have even pondered the idea before, but have you ever really stopped to think about the words?

                Take up thy cross and follow me,

                I heard my master say.

                I gave my life to ransom thee,

                Surrender your all today.

Wherever he leads, I’ll go, Wherever he leads, I’ll go, I’ll follow my Christ who loves me so, wherever he leads, I’ll go.

                He drew me closer to his side,

                I sought His will to know.

                And in that will I now abide,

                Wherever He leads, I’ll go.

Wherever He leads, I’ll go, Wherever He leads, I’ll go, I’ll follow my Christ who Loves me so, wherever He leads, I’ll go.

                It may be through the shadows dim,

                Or o’er the stormy sea

                I take my cross and follow Him,

                Wherever He leadeth me.

Wherever He leads, I’ll go, Wherever He leads, I’ll go, I’ll follow my Christ who Loves me so, wherever He leads, I’ll go.

                My heart, My life, My all I bring,

                To Christ who loves me so.

                He is my Master, Lord, and King,

                Wherever He leads, I’ll go.

 Have you ever really said (not sang) these words. If not, say them again before reading the rest. Really say them out loud to yourself. Have you ever really pondered where God may be leading you?

Maybe God did not call you to sell everything and board a plane to Africa (or a plane to anywhere else even). Maybe you are not being called to share your home with who knows how many lizards or have a 1000 or more bats in the tree in your front yard. Maybe the ginormous mound of ants in the tree out back is just too much, (that btw can find their way inside your home no matter how quickly you clean up the rice from the table). Maybe you do not see it in your cards to have guards 24 hours a day 7 days a week or just rice to eat for 2 nights straight because that is all you have to cook. (Note that we have been to the market now and have more choices I promise! LOL)! All the things that I have named so far are the wherever for my family right now and we are so blessed to be here. We know that we are privileged and called to all these things (and for those who know me well, also know that I must be called to live with most of these things and still be ok)…….. But if you are a true “Follower” of the Awesome, Holy God that I know then you are called somewhere to do something too! God has a master plan that when His people decide to live out “take up thy cross and follow me,” just as He commands, that ALL people will be reached.


The question still remains, do you really mean those words with your whole heart? WHEREVER He leads…..Where is God leading you? Where is God telling you to go? Who is God telling you to reach? Are you sincerely listening? My prayer for my family and for yours is that we are sincere when we say that we will take up thy cross. When we do this then verse two becomes evident. He will draw us closer to Him, and you will desire to abide in that will no matter where it takes you or what it cost you. He does not promise that it will be easy…..as a matter of fact He says quite frankly that it is hard. He says that trials WILL come. He says we will be pressed, persecuted, and struck down. Those are the shadows dim and the stormy sea moments of verse 3, but you can hold fast to His promises….presses NOT crushed, persecuted NOT abandoned, struck down but NOT destroyed. That is the Hope of My God, is that the hope of yours?

The truth of the matter is many of us will say Lord Lord and He will answer “Depart from me, I never knew you.” Are we sharing the Whole truth of our Savior or are we sharing enough to get by and say ok I did that? Are we really showing people that My Heart, My Life, My all I give to the one who saved me and made me whole again? Are we loving people enough that they do not just see Jesus in us but want what we have? Are we saying “Here am I” to our Master, Lord, and King with total surrender to Wherever He leads?

I hope that you can say for yourself Yes Lord, wherever you lead, even if it means talking to that coworker, swallowing pride to say I am sorry, speaking truth to those that matter most, the lost and dying world, or even getting on that plane to go to wherever He has planned for you. My prayer is that you do not just read this and throw it to the side but that you think about God’s plan for you. FOR YOU, not the person sitting beside you or the neighbor down the street but you. Remember as true follower of this awesome God, you are called to share the real gospel, so get out there and do it!!


Lawson tribe member #2 (Jennifer)

More details of personal updates to follow on another post, this was just on my heart first!


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